Table 1.

Summary of nucleotide sequence analysis of cDNAs derived from replicons in Huh7 cell lines

CloneMutation ina:FrequencybAdapted mutant
cDNA (nt) Encoded proteinc
FCA1 G to A (1875)None (25) NS3 6/6
A to G (2330) E to G (177) NS3 4/6
C to G (5487) D to E (1229) NS5A 3/3
A to G (5695) I to V (1299) NS5A 3/3
FCA4 Del. TCA (5327–5329)Del. S (1176) NS5A 3/3 BM4-5
FCA22 T to C (1777) None (NAe) EMCV IRES 3/3
A to C (4262) K to T (821) NS4B 3/3 BMB22-2
C to T (6881) A to V (1694) NS5B 2/3
FCC2 A to T (4089) A (763) NS4B 3/3 BMB2-2d
A to C (4262) K to T (821) NS4B 3/3
  • a Nucleotide and amino acid positions are according to the sequence of the HCV subgenomic replicon I377/NS3-3′ (GenBank accession no. AJ242652 ). The numbering of the amino acids begins with the artificial methionine of the NS region. nt, nucleotide(s); del., deletion.

  • b Fraction of PCR-amplified cDNA clones that carry the mutation.

  • c Order of entries is as follows: mutation (amino acid position) protein designation.

  • d Contains both mutations in FCC2.

  • e NA, not applicable.