Table 2.

Inhibition of different primary strains of HIV-1 by antibody from acutely infected patients and NK effector cellsa

Plasma source (days from symptom onset)% Inhibition of virus fromb
HIV92US657Pt. 3Pt. 9Pt. 11Pt. 12
Pt. 3 (16)3672
Pt. 3 (28)6970
Pt. 6 (21)9913
Pt. 9 (18)999898
Pt. 11 (22)500
Pt. 12 (24)7162
  • a Percent inhibition is calculated as described for Table 1. p24 was sampled from supernatant fluid 7 days after the addition of plasma and NK effector cells to infected CD4+ lymphocytes; p24 determinations were repeated using supernatant fluid sampled at 3 and 10 days, and the relative inhibition of individual strains of virus remained nearly identical; Pt., patient; —, not done.

  • b Virus strains were isolated from patient plasma on day 9 (patients 3 and 12), day 18 (patient 9), and day 10 (patient 11) after onset of symptoms of acute HIV infection.