Table 1.

Particle-to-infectivity ratios of vectors

VectorNo. of vector genomes per AP-positive FFUan
Rep2Cap2Genome274 ± 377
Rep6Cap2Genome2 751
Rep6Cap2Genome6 801
Rep6Cap6Genome63.4 × 104 2
Rep6Cap6Genome25.3 × 104 2
Rep2Cap6Genome61.2 × 104 1
Rep2Cap6Genome2(2.7 ± 1.1) × 104 4
  • a Southern analysis was performed on DNase-resistant genomes extracted from virions produced with the indicated components from AAV2 or AAV6 serotypes to determine the concentration of genome-containing particles. The titer was determined by infecting HT-1080 cells with dilutions of vector and counting AP-positive FFU. n denotes the number of vector samples. When n is 2, the mean value is shown. When n is >2, the mean and standard deviation are shown.