Table 3.

Summary of the number of positive colonies obtained out of total number of colonies screened after hybridization of PBMC and Vβ-specific cDNA libraries with biotin-labeled Vβ- and CDR3-specific probes used for calculation of logitudinal TCR frequences in the rapid progressor at seroconversion and at the time of death

CTL clone (Vβ)Date PBMC probed (mo/yr)aVβ transcripts/total PBMC TCR (β-chain) transcripts (%)CTL clone CDR3 transcripts/all Vβ transcripts (%)CTL clone CDR3 transcripts/total PBMC TCR transcripts (%)bLimit of detection (%)c
CDR3 B1 (6)2/93155/1,400 (10.99)271/840 (32.26)1/28 (3.54)0.00008
8/9621/828 (2.55)78/1,096 (7.2)1/547 (0.18)0.00011
CDR3 B2 (16S1)2/9341/840 (4.88)1,402/1,608 (87.2)1/23 (4.29)0.00007
8/962/828 (0.24)21/804 (2.6)1/15,873 (0.0063)0.00015
CDR3 B3 (14S1)2/9385/1,072 (7.93)8/536 (1.5)1/833 (0.12)0.00017
8/967/828 (0.85)17/804 (2.11)1/5,618 (0.02)0.00015
  • a 2/93 and 8/96 represent seroconversion and time of death, respectively.

  • b Values in this column are the products of the multiplication of the values in the previous two columns.

  • c (1/total PBMC TCR β-chain transcripts) × (1 CTL clone CDR3 transcript/all Vβ transcripts).