Table 1.

Protective efficacy of Ebola virus NP replicons in C57BL/6 micea

Replicon injectedNo. of injectionsNo. of survivors/ totalDays to deathbNo. viremic/totalcViremia, GMTe (log10PFU/ml)
Ebola virus NP315/208.0 ± 0.85/54.1 ± 1.1
28/108.5NDd ND
Lassa virus N31/207.3 ± 0.64/48.6 ± 0.7
20/107.1 ± 0.3NDND
  • a Mice were injected two or three times at 1-month intervals with the Ebola virus NP replicon or the control Lassa virus N replicon. One month after the final injection, mice were challenged with mouse-adapted Ebola Zaire virus.

  • b The time to death for mice that did not survive challenge is reported as the mean ± standard deviation for groups with at least three deaths or as the average for the group with two deaths.

  • c Number of mice with measurable levels of Ebola virus in the sera 5 days post-Ebola virus challenge/total number of mice tested.

  • d ND, not determined.

  • e GMT, geometric mean titer of the virus detected in the sera 5 days post-Ebola challenge.