Table 1.

Disease progression and SAIDS in macaques infected with CCR5 SHIVs

AnimalInoculation routeViral inoculumPeak viremia (set-point)aWk to SAIDSSAIDS pathology
T353Blood-bone marrow transfusionSHIVSF162P 107 (105)66MAI, severe diarrhea, lymphadenitis
R061IVAG (cell-free virus)SHIVSF162P3 108 (107)24PCP, cachexia, thymic atrophy
T290IVAG (cell-free virus)SHIVSF162P3 106 (105)44Thymic atrophy, severe diarrhea, colitis
R513IVAG (cell-free virus)SHIVSF162P3 106 (<103)NAb NA
T637IVAG (cell-free virus)SHIVSF162P3 106 (103)NANA
  • a Units are copies of viral RNA per milliliter of plasma. Values of <103 copies of RNA/ml of plasma are below detection limits (see text).

  • b NA, not applicable.