Table 1.

KSHV replication genes and expression plasmids used in this study

KSHV geneProteinFunctionExpression vectoraNucleotide positionbEBV gened
Core machinery
 ORF6SSBSingle-stranded DNA bindingpJX332106611BALF2
 ORF9POLDNA polymerasepJX1pJX81136314401BMRF1
 ORF40/41PAFPrimase associatedpJX5pJX126030862444BBLF2/3
 ORF44HELHelicase subunitpJX7pJX146489267258BBLF4
 ORF56PRIPrimase subunitpJX4pJX117943681967BSLF1
 ORF59PPFPolymerase processivitypJX2pJX99673995549BMRF1
Associated components
 ORF-K8K8DNA replication (?)pCJC5817485075569BZLF1
  • a pJX8 to pJX14 are Flag-tagged pSG5 expression plasmids, and pJX1 to pJX7 are nontagged versions.

  • b Genomic locations of the translated start and stop sites for the individual open reading frames of the KSHV replication loci were subcloned into an expression vector (pSG5) containing SV40 enhancer, β-globin intron, and SV40 polyadenylation signals as described in Materials and Methods.

  • c pSG5-Myc expression plasmid for ORF-K8.

  • d KSHV homologue.