Table 2.

Cell surface distribution of enveloped HSV-1 on the surfaces of MDBK cellsa

VirusNo. of virus particles per cellb
ApicalBasalCell junctionsTotal
Wild type168 (3.3)653 (12.8)2,101 (41.2)2,922 (57.3)
F-gEβ611 (10.0)334 (5.5)116 (1.9)1,061 (17.4)
F-gEΔCT653 (11.9)158 (2.9)66 (1.2)877 (15.9)
  • a MDBK cells growing on Thermanox plastic coverslips were infected with wild-type HSV-1 strain F, F-gEβ, or F-gEΔCT for 16 h. The cells were then fixed and processed for electrom microscopy as described for Table 1.

  • b The total numbers of particles on apical or basal surfaces or at cell junctions are shown, and the numbers in parentheses are the average numbers of particles per cell.