Table 1.

Detection of nucleotide sequences for JCV T and regulatory region by n-PCR

SampleNo. of positiveasamples/no. tested (% positive) for the:
T regionRegulatory region
Nondissected tissue19/54 (35)21/54 (39)
Lymphocytes12/41 (29)11/41 (27)
Stromal cellsb 3/16 (19)4/16 (25)
  • a Samples were considered positive if nucleotide sequences specific for either the T protein or the regulatory region of the JCV genome, or both, were amplified by n-PCR. By using the positive signal for the regulatory region as a reference, 17 of 21 samples from the tonsil tissue, 9 of 11 samples from the tonsillar lymphocytes, and 3 of 4 samples from the tonsillar stromal cells were also positive for the T region.

  • b Stromal cells were placed in culture for 2 weeks prior to PCR analysis.