Table 4.

Relative levels of late viral proteins synthesized indl1520-infected H1299 cells at 32 and 39°C

Late protein% of wild-type proteina
Penton base12760
Penton associated13152
Hexon associated10357
  • a H1299 cells were infected withdl309 or dl1520 at 10 PFU per cell. At 32 h postinfection for cells maintained at 39°C or 64 h postinfection for cells maintained at 32°C, cells were pulse-labeled with35S-amino acids for 1 h and then lysed. Proteins were separated on an SDS–7.5% polyacrylamide gel and quantified with a PhosphorImager. Late proteins synthesized in cells infected withdl309 at 39 or 32°C were normalized to 100 to calculate the relative percentages of protein synthesized in cells infected withdl1520 at 39 or 32°C. Each value represents average of two independent experiments. All measurements were within ±5%.