Table 2.

Protection of DNA-rFPV-vaccinated macaques from HIV-1 challenge

AnimalAcute-infection syndrome (rash/lymphadenopathy)HIV-1 recovery by coculturea at wk:Plasma HIV-1 RNA (copies/ml) at wk:HIV-1 DNA detected in:
2344 (LMNC)6812PBMCbLNMCc
HIV-1 vaccinated
Unvaccinated controls
 M7+/++ (14)+ (7)+ (7)+ (7)+ (14)983359/9Yes
 M8+/++ (21)+ (7)+ (14)258779/9Yes
 M9+/−+ (14)+ (7)+ (7)+ (14)+ (7)+ (14)NDd 2609/9Yes
 M10+/++ (14)+ (14)+ (7)+ (21)+ (14)125319/9Yes
  • a +, successful attempts (HIV-1 p24 level of >100 pg/ml in coculture supernatant) at recovery of HIV-1 in cocultures of macaque PBMC between weeks 2 and 8 following challenge. At week 4, LNMC were also analyzed. For positive cultures, the day of culture when p24 antigen was detected for the first time is noted in parentheses (culture supernatants were assessed at 7-day intervals to 28 days).

  • b No. of times detected (>1 copy/105 cells)/no. of attempts between weeks 1 and 21 following challenge.

  • c LNMC were analyzed at week 4 following challenge.

  • d ND, not done (the internal control RNA for the sample from M9 at week 1 did not amplify, and the result was therefore invalid).