Table 2.

Nucleotide sequence arrangements of the regulatory regions of JCV clones isolated from tonsil specimensa

SpecimenSequence(s)b (no. of clones) in:
Nondissected tissueLymphocytesStromal cells
49T91Mad-1 (8)Arche (7)Mad-1 (1)
Mad-4 (4)Mad-8 (4)
53T90Mad-1 (9)Mad-1 (9)Mad-8 (8)
Mad-4 (1)Mad-4 (1)
Arche (1)
54T90Mad-1 (1)Mad-1 (3)Mad-1 (2)
  • a Specimens were obtained from one 6-year-old child and two 7-year-old children. These samples were selected because all three compartments were positive for JCV DNA.

  • b Expressed as JCV strains; for example, eight clones from nondissected tonsillar tissue of specimen 49T91 had the regulatory-region sequence of the Mad-1 strain. Arche, archetype structure.