Table 1.

env complementation assay of HIV-1 entry into U87-CD4 cells transfected with different coreceptors

Complemented viral envelopeaInput p24 (ng/ml)bViral output (cps/ng of p24)c
HXB34021264854316232 702,159 7495974
NDK2422687021048929044 851,117 741641,726
Gun1288163263353125 543,788 125 589,937 12550 6,137
Gun1V1853,0532,9172,1761,40915431,594 96,032 5,6434,514 38,393
DH12337018515368166 93,892 107 103,787 7494978
JRFL37094410137188 431,348 154292240772240
ADA27023070318094 434,213 3911731339467
  • a HIV-1 clone from which theenv gene was derived.

  • b HIV-1 p24 antigen content of inoculum. Note that the infectivity-to-particle ratio of env-complemented HIV-1 is low, which accounts for the apparently high p24 antigen input.

  • c HIV-1 replication in cells expressing the coreceptors indicated is expressed as luciferase activity in counts per second per nanogram of input p24 antigen. Values considered indicative of significant HIV-1 entry over the background are in boldface.