Table 2.

GFP transduction by lentivirus vectors made by transfer constructs with a wild-type or 5′ chimeric LTR

Transfer constructEndpoint titer on HeLa cells (TU/ml)aTransduction efficiency on human lymphocytes (% positive cells)b
pHR22.3 × 107 30
pCCL4.6 × 106 14
pCLL7.9 × 106 18
pRRL1.8 × 107 29
pRLL8.9 × 106 18
  • a Determined by multiplying the percentage of fluorescent cells for the vector dilution and the number of infected cells. Samples were selected from the linear portion of the vector dose-response curve.

  • b Percentage of fluorescent human PBL after infection of 106 cells with 1 ml of vector containing medium. Primary human T lymphocytes were isolated and transduced as previously described (14). Vectors carrying a PGK-eGFP expression cassette were produced by transfection of the indicated transfer construct, the packaging plasmid pCMVΔR8.91, and the envelope plasmid pMD.G into 293T cells. Fluorescent cells were scored by FACS analysis 6 days after transduction. Data are averages of duplicate determinations for a representative experiment of three performed.