Table 1.

Epidemiological and virological data

PatientaAge/sex/cityaSample/datebCD4 count (cells/μl)p24 Ag (pg/ml)cTreatment
ESP135/M/Madrid0/Sept. ’9529015Noned
+4/Jan. ’9618221None
+11/Aug. ’9615234None
+19/Apr. ’9714425None
ESP234/F/Madrid+4/Jan. ’9648390None
+11/Aug. ’9624131AZT + ddIe
+17/Feb. ’9716550d4T + 3TC + IDVf
ESP345/M/MadridESP3/Jan. ’9796105None
ESP415/M/BarcelonaESP4/Feb. ’97160AZT + 3TC
  • a Age is given in years. Sex: M, male; F, female. City, location where the sample was collected.

  • b The number following the patient’s code in the two related isolates (ESP1 and ESP2) indicates months after the first HIV-1 group O isolate described (ESP1/0) (50) at the time of sampling of lymphocytes. Samples ESP3 and ESP4 are unique.

  • c p24 antigen (Ag) was measured using a commercial kit (HIV-1 p24 Antigen Assay; Coulter, Miami, Fla.).

  • d No treatment with antiretroviral inhibitors.

  • e Patient received AZT + ddI therapy from June to September 1996.

  • f Patient received d4T + 3TC + indinavir (IDV) from September 1996 to the present.