Table 3.

GFP transduction into HeLa cells by lentivirus vectors made by transfer constructs with a wild-type or 5′ chimeric LTR and packaging constructs with or without a functionaltat genea

Transfer constructtat gene in packaging constructEndpoint titer (TU/ml)p24 antigen (ng/ml)Transduction efficiency (TU/ng of p24)
pHR2+4.1 × 106 29713,805
pHR22.4 × 105 545440
pRRL+1.3 × 107 54623,810
pRRL4.9 × 106 34414,244
  • a Vectors carrying a PGK-eGFP expression cassette were produced by transfection of the indicated transfer and packaging plasmid plus plasmid pMD.G into 293T cells. Serial dilutions of transfectant conditioned medium were incubated with HeLa cells, and the cultures were scored after 6 days. For calculating endpoint titers, samples were selected from the linear portion of the vector dose-response curve. Data are averages of duplicate determinations for a representative experiment of five performed.