Table 1.

Properties of soluble and assembled mutant and wt coat precursor proteins

Mutant or wt coat protein alpha% Efficiency of assemblyaCleavage of alpha protein in assembled particlesSpecific encapsidation of FHV RNA1 and RNA2% Infectivity of assembled virionsb
Δγ38130Normal+<(1.5 × 10−6)d
Δγ38730Normal+<(1.5 × 10−6)d
Δγ39430Normal+<(1.5 × 10−6)d
Δγ40030Normal+<(1.5 × 10−6)d
Δγ403100Normal++ 11
Δγ405100Normal+++ 44
F402A100Normal+++  8
E403A100Normal++++ 55
F405A100Normal+++ 35
F407A100Normal+++ 27
  • a Relative to wt protein.

  • b Relative to specific infectivity of a reference preparation of gradient-purified wt FHV (10.7 × 1010 PFU/mg).

  • c NA, not applicable.

  • d No plaques detected.