Table 2.

RT-PCR for transcripts from different EBNA1 promoters in cell lines and tumors

Cell lines and tumorsRT-PCR signala
Non-EBNA1-coding transcript FUU′ (Fp)EBNA1-coding transcripts
FUK (Fp)QUK (Qp)YUK (Cp/Wp)
EBV(+) cell lines
 BL cell lines
  Namalwa++++c ++
  Raji+b ++++c ++
  IB4++++c ++
EBV(+) tumors
  • a Scored as described in Materials and Methods. NA, not available because of lack of RNA.

  • b Positive for U2′ primer but not U′ primer.

  • c Weakly positive or negative for QUK but positive for Q′UK.