Table 2.

HA variability among European avian-like swine influenza viruses

StrainAmino acid position in the HA1a
Sw/Arnsberg/6554/79b INVYSNTK
Sw/Netherlands/3/80c INVYSNTK
Sw/Germany/2/81b INVYHNTK
Sw/Belgium/1/83c INIYRNTK
Sw/Netherlands/12/85c INIYLNTK
Sw/Italy-Vir/671/87c ATAHLYMQ
Sw/Germany/3/91b ATVHLYMQ
Sw/Schleswig-Holstein/1/92b ATAHLYMQ
  • a Only those positions in the HA1 at which more than three strains contain an amino acid change are shown.

  • b Based on nucleotide sequence obtained from GenBank.

  • c Determined as described in Materials and Methods.