Table 2.

Sequence comparison of the V3 loop of viruses studied for neutralization

Virus IsolateV3 loop sequenceaNeutralization by Anti-V3 MAb 447-52D
BZ167 R-R-..----..T--.--K +
MNp R---..----..-----KN +
92HT594 R-R-..----..VW----Q
JR-FL --TL..----..------D
91US056 G---..---A..---A---
CA5 G---..----..-IF----
SF33 R-TS..---K..VL----- +
SF2 --Y-..----..--H---R +
89.6 RLS-..----..---ARRN
92HT593 R-S-..----..--RA-.K
  • a The sequences were obtained from the database of Myers et al. (35), and the box denotes the core epitope recognized by MAb 447-52d. Dots are for alignment; dashes denote homology.