Table 2.

Surface expression of WT and mutant US28a

MYC-tagged receptorGFP-positive cells (%)MYC-positive cellsb (%)
None (Rc/CMV vector)24.10.3
WT US2819.215.5
US28 Δ31721.725
US28 K158V K159V19.911.4
US28 K257V24.89.9
US28 E266V RS267V20.29.6
  • a HeLa P4 cells were cotransfected in six-well trays with pCDNA3 expression vectors for different MYC-tagged forms of US28 and with EGFP-N1, a GFP expression vector (6:1 ratio). Cells were harvested 36 h later, stained with the anti-MYC monoclonal antibody 9E10 and with a PE-conjugated secondary antibody, and analyzed for GFP expression (green fluorescence) and MYC expression (red fluorescence). Results are from the same series of transfections.

  • b Among GFP-positive cells.