Table 4.

Mortality rates and MDTs for chickens inoculated with HK/156 and CK/HK/220 influenza virusesa

ChickensRoute of inoculationExpt 1Expt 2
No. of chickens dead/no. inoculated (MDT [days])Pb No. of chickens dead/no. inoculated (MDT [days])P
3–4-wk-old WPRi.n.9/10 (5)10/10 (2)<0.000110/10 (2)10/10 (2)0.4418
i.v.11/11 (2)10/10 (1)0.001610/10 (1.5)10/10 (1)0.1049
Adult WLi.n./i.t.6/6 (3)6/6 (2)0.0152
  • a HK/481, HK/482, HK/483, CK/HK/728, and CK/HK/915 each produced death in eight of eight inoculated chickens in less than 24 h postinoculation (experiment 3).

  • b Determined for MDT by comparing the different viruses by Mann-Whitney sum rank test.