Table 4.

Induction of influenza virus-neutralizing antibodies in IFN-γ−/− mice infected with the WSN virus

Mouse strainImmunization with HK virusHI antibody titera
WSN specificHK specific
Day 3Day 7Day 3Day 7
BALB/c0b 2.000
BALB/c+01.6 ± 0.55.0 ± 1.46.0 ± 1.0
IFN-γ−/−03.0 ± 1.400
IFN-γ−/−+02.6 ± ± 1.9
  • a Blood was harvested at days 3 and 7 after the heterologous infection. The titers of WSN- and HK-specific HI antibodies were estimated individually, and the results are expressed as the geometric mean log2 HI antibody titers of groups of at least five mice ± SE.

  • b HI antibody titer of less than 1/40.