Table 2.

Nucleotide and amino acid comparison of CK/HK/220 and HK/156 with each other and their closest isolates in GenBanka

GeneSequence identity between HK/156 and CK/HK/220 (no. different/ no. compared)Virus with the highest % identity with HK/156 (% sequence identity)
NucleotideAmino acidNucleotideAmino acid
PB26/2,0273/671Budgerigar/Hokkaido/1/77 (89.5)Ruddy Turnstone/47/85 (96.9)
PB122/2,2804/758Swine/Hong Kong/126/82 (89.4)TK/Minnesota/833/80 (97.8)
PA15/2,1516/716Swine/Hong Kong/81/78 (91.7)TK/Minnesota/833/80 (96.6)
HA13/1,7404/568TK/England/50-92/91 (92.8)TK/England/50-92/91 (93.1)
NP9/1,5393/498Mallard/Astrakhan/263/82 (94.2)DK/New Zealand/76 (98.4)
NA4/1,3701/450Parrot/Ulster/73 (86.4)Parrot/Ulster/73 (93.3)
M3/1,002DK/Hong Kong/193/77 (94.2)
M10/252FPV/Dobson/34 (97.6)
M20/97Swine/Germany/2/81 (95.8)
NS8/865 Anas acuta/Primorje/695/76 (93.2)
NS14/230 Anas acuta/Primorje/695/76 (90.0)
NS23/121Swine/Netherlands/25/80 (95.8)
  • a TK, turkey; DK, duck; FPV, fowl plague virus.