Table 3.

Changes in k on andk off relative to values for gD1 (306t)

ProteinRelative change in:
gD1 (306t)1.01.0
gD1 (Δ290-299t)400.4
gD2 (306t)1.40.6
gD1 (QAAt)1.00.6
gD1 (∇126t)0.21.3
gD1 (∇243t)1.80.8
gD1 (cys1,5)0.50.8
gD1 (cys2,6)0.41.2
gD1 (cys3,4)0.20.9
  • a The relative change ink on was calculated from the equationk on of gDt/k on of gD1 (306t).

  • b The relative change ink off was calculated from the equationk off of gDt/k off of gD1 (306t).