Table 5.

Full-length group M HIV-1 sequences in the database

SubtypeCloneaSourceCloning methodReplication competenceDefective gene(s)GenBank accession no.
AU455U937Phage vpr,vpu, env M62320
92UG037.1 PBMC PCR pol U51190
BLAI/BRUPBMCPhage+c None K02013
BH10H9Phage+c vpr,nef X01762
PV22H9PhageNA vpr K02083
PM213NAe NANA vpr,vpud D86069
MCK1NANANA vpr D86068
LW12-3H9Phage+c vif,vpr U12055
HXB2H9Phage+ nef,vpr, vpud M38432
TH475b TH4-7-5PCR vpr L31963
NY5A3.01Phage vpud M38431
SF2HUT-78Phage+ vpu K02007
P89.6PBMCPhage+c None U39362
RFH9Phage gag, vpu M17451
ACH320.2A.1.2PBMCPhage+None U34603
ACH320.2A.2.1PBMCPhage+None U34604
AD8PBMCPhage+c vpud AF004394
D31NANANANone U43096
CAM1NANANA vpu D10112
F12HUT-78NANA vpr Z11530
SG3HUT-78Phage+ vpu L02317
WEAUH9Phage+ nef U21135
YU2Brain tissuePhage+c vpud M93258
YU10Brain tissuePhage pol M93259
MNH9Phage pol, nef,vpu M17449
HAN2/3MT2Phage env U43141
JRCSFPBMCPhage+c None M38429
JRFLb PBMCPhage+c None U63632
OYIb PBMCPhage vpud M26727
C18MBCb PBMCPCR nef U37270
MANCb Kidney tissuePCRNone U23487
CC2220PBMCPCR tat U46016
92BR025.8 PBMC PCR pol U52953
DNDKCEMPhage+None M27323
Z2Z6A3.01Phage+c None M22639
ELIPBMCPhage+c None X04414
84ZR085.1 PBMC Phage gag, pol U88822
94UG114.1 PBMC PCR + c None U88824
F 93BR020.1 PBMC PCR None AF005494
H 90CF056.1 PBMC PCR None AF005496
R90CF402.1 A/EPBMCPhage+c vif,vpud U51188
93TH253.3 A/EH9Phage env, vpud U51189
CM240 A/EPBMCPCR vpud U54771
MAL A/D/I/?PBMCPhage+c vpud K03456
ZAM184 A/CPBMCPCRNone U86780
92RW009.6 A/C PBMC PCR gag U88823
92NG003.1 A/G PBMC PCR vpr, vpu, env, nef U88825
92NG083.2 A/C PBMC PCR gag, vpu U88826
93BR029.4 B/F PBMC PCR gag AF005495
Z321BbA/G/I/?CEM3/HUT-78PCR vpr,vpu U76035
  • a Boldface clones are those generated in this study. Brackets indicate variants from the same isolate. NL4-3 is not included because it is an artificial recombinant between NY5 and LAI.

  • b Genome derived from multiple PCR fragments.

  • c Infectious molecular clone after reconstruction.

  • d Defective vpu gene due to loss of start codon.

  • e NA, not available.