Table 2.

Inactivating mutations in near-complete HIV-1 genomes

CloneDefective gene(s)In-frame stop codonaFrameshift mutationaAltered initiation codonaPlasmid vectordGenBank accession no.
92UG037.1 pol 3144pCRII U51190
92BR025.8 pol 2141, 31154131pCRII U52953
94UG114.1NonepTZ18Mlu1 U88824
84ZR085.1 gag/pol 1692pUC19 U88822
93BR020.1NonepCR2.1 AF005494
90CF056.1NonepCR2.1 AF005496
92RW009.6 gag 213pTZ18Mlu1 U88823
93BR029.4 gag 260, 472pTZ18Mlu1 AF005495
92NG083.2 gag,vpu 3605462b 157pTZ18Mlu1 U88826
92NG003.1c vpr, vpu,nef 5024b, 5485b 8113pTZ18Mlu1 U88825
  • a Numbers indicate the position of the inactivating mutation within the sequence.

  • b Frameshift mutations associated with more extensive nucleotide sequence deletions (10 to 16 bp).

  • c 92NG003.1 also has a 33-bp deletion in the V3 loop region of env.

  • d Genomes were subcloned either by T/A overhang into pCRII or by MluI sites in the primer sequences into pTZ18Mlu1.