Table 2.

Pseudotyping of MoMLV particles with recombinant SV-F or VSV-Ga

Surface protein expression vectorViral titer (102 CFU/ml) on cells
NIH 3T3BHK-21HepG2
pcDNA3-G6.01.8 NDb
  • a Ecotropic packaging cells PE501 were cotransfected with retroviral vector pLXSN and a surface protein expression vector (pcDNA3-F or pcDNA3-G) or parental plasmid pcDNA3. Forty-eight hours after transfection, activated supernatants were used to transduce NIH 3T3, BHK-21 and HepG2 cells, followed by G418 selection (with 600 μg of G418 per ml for NIH 3T3 and BHK-21 cells and 1,000 μg of G418 per ml for HepG2 cells).

  • b ND, not determined.