Table 1.

Amino acid identity between proteins of BDV X818 and other pestivirusesa

Virus and strainAmino acid identity (%)
CSFV Alfort-T76.
CSFV Brescia72.679.079.386.265.781.370.694.190.684.462.278.9
BVDV-1 NADL70.871.676.775.459.454.761.291.889.174.058.371.0
BVDV-1 CP772.070.677.173.858.846.959.991.889.173.757.772.1
BVDV-2 89069.070.678.078.555.659.456.291.287.574.656.972.1
  • a Termini of the individual proteins are as indicated in Fig. 4. The assumed N termini of NS2-3 (NS2) and NS3 are described in the text.

  • b Insertions of cellular and viral sequences within the NS2 genes of BVDV-1 NADL, BVDV-1 CP7, and BVDV-2 890 were deleted for this comparison.