Table 1.

Summary of results of infectivity assays using BCBL-1-derived KSHV virion preparations

Cell originCell line or type (description)ORF29 RT-PCR resultc
LymphoidBL30a(EBV-negative Burkitt’s lymphoma)
BL41a (EBV-negative Burkitt’s lymphoma)
Ramosa (EBV-negative Burkitt’s lymphoma)
BJABa(EBV-negative Burkitt’s lymphoma)
Louckesa (EBV-negative Burkitt’s lymphoma)
Daudia (EBV-positive Burkitt’s lymphoma)
BL41B95-8a(EBV-positive Burkitt’s lymphoma)
Rajia (EBV-positive Burkitt’s lymphoma)
IB4a (EBV positive)
Namalwaa (EBV-positive Burkitt’s lymphoma)
CEMx174 (B-cell–T-cell hybrid)
U937 (monocyte derived)
CD19+ B cellsa , b(primary B cells)+
EndothelialHUVECa (human vascular endothelial cells [HPV transformed])
HMECa (human microvascular endothelial cells [HPV transformed])
AEC (human aortic endothelial cells [HPV transformed])
BB19 (human brain endothelial cells [HPV transformed])+
181GB1-4 (human brain endothelial cell [HPV transformed])+
Primary neonatal capillary endothelial cellsa +
Primary adult capillary endothelial cellsa
Mixed primary adult capillary endothelial cellsa
EpithelialHCT-8 (human rectal epithelial [adenocarcinoma])
HT29 (colon epithelial [adenocarcinoma])
343MG (brain epithelial)
OMK637 (owl monkey kidney)+
293a (human kidney)+
FibroblastoidHUf23 (foreskin fibroblastoid cells)
Veroa (African green monkey kidney)
COS-7 (African green monkey kidney)
BHK-21a (baby hamster kidney)+
Prostate cancer-derived linesBPH-1a
Ln-Capa +
Other cancer-derived linesA549 (human lung carcinoma)+
CHELI (Chediak-Higachi syndrome)+
FaDu (squamous cell carcinoma, pharynx)
RPMI2650 (squamous cell carcinoma, nasal septum)
SCC15 (squamous cell carcinoma, tongue)+
  • a Cells were tested in the absence and presence of TPA to induce lytic growth from a possibly latent stage of infection.

  • b Prepared and cultured by the method of Blackbourn et al. (5).

  • c +, positive; −, negative.