Table 6.

Cytokine secretion following adoptive transfer of purified APCs into AAVlacZ-infected animalsa

APCsIFN-γ (pg/ml)IL-10 (pg/ml)
B cell
lacZ 7629124723416
lacZ 142742680.79.51.7
  • a Lymphocytes from regional lymph nodes and spleen were harvested 10 days after adoptive transfer of 106 purified B cells, macrophages, or dendritic cells (DC) either infected ex vivo with H5.010.CMVlacZ(lacZ) or uninfected (naive). Cells were restimulated with UV-inactivated adenovirus type 5 (Ad5), purified β-galactosidase protein (β-Gal), or medium (Mock) for 48 h, and the supernatants were assayed for the secretion of IL-10 or IFN-γ by cytokine ELISA.