Table 2.

ZDV susceptibility in two patients with T215D and T215C amino acid substitutionsa

PatientTime (mo)RT genotypeZDV IC50 (μM)ZDV IC90 (μM)
C041L, 67D, 70K, 215Y, 219K0.182.19
C2441L, 67D, 70K, 215D, 219K<0.01<0.02
C4241M/L, 67D, 70K, 215D, 219K<0.01<0.01
E041M, 67D, 70K, 215Y, 219KNANA
E1241M, 67D, 70K, 215C, 219K<0.010.03
E2141M, 67D, 70K, 215C, 219K<0.01<0.01
  • a IC50 and IC90, concentrations inhibiting 50 and 90% of the RT activity at a 50% tissue culture infective dose of 100. NA, not available.