Table 5.

Immunophenotype analysis of enriched fraction of cellsa

Fraction% of total
T cell, CD3+B cell, B220+Macrophage, F4-80/Mac1Dendritic cell, 33D1
B cell889315
Dendritic cell015570–80
  • a A mixed population of APCs or enriched populations of B cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells was isolated from naive spleen. The purity of the APC, B-cell, and macrophage fractions was determined in performing FACS analysis by staining the cells with anti-CD3+ for T cells, anti-B220+for B cells, and anti-F4-80 or anti-MacI for macrophages. The purity of the dendritic cell population was determined in cytospinning the cells onto slides and subsequently performing immunohistochemical staining, utilizing the dendritic cell-specific antibody 33D1. ND, not determined.