Table 3.

Antibody responses to vector capsid proteins and β-galactosidasea

GroupLeft legRight legAdenovirusAAVβ-Galactosidase, IgG-ELISA
IgG-ELISA (absorbance)Neutralizing antibody (dilution)IgG-ELISA (absorbance)Neutralizing antibody (dilution)
1AAVlacZ 0.1000.661:1,2800.05
2AAVlacZ AdlacZ 0.491:3200.421:1,2800.55
3AAVlacZ + AdBglII0.321:1600.391:1,2800.26
4AAVlacZ + AdALP 0.381:1600.351:1,2800.2
  • a Serum samples harvested 28 days after intramuscular infection of C57BL/6 mice with various combinations of AAV and adenovirus as indicated were tested for the presence of neutralizing antibodies (anti-AAV or antiadenovirus) or serum IgG (specific for AAV, adenovirus, or β-Gal). The neutralizing antibody titers are presented as reciprocal dilutions which inhibit infection of AdlacZ (HeLa cells) or AAVlacZ (E1- and E4-expressing cell line derived from 293 cells) by 50% based on number of lacZ-positive cells. Serum IgG (IgG-ELISA) measures the relative amounts (absorbance at 405 nm) of antibodies in the samples at a serum dilution of 1:100. ND, not determined.