Table 1.

CD4 T-cell and neutrophil numbers in corneas of MIP-1α +/+ and −/− mice

Day on which corneas were harvestedaLeukocyte stainingbNo. of cellsc (mean counts ± SE)Pd
MIP-1α +/+MIP-1α −/−
14CD4 T cells27 ± 200.001
Neutrophils112 ± 919 ± 20.006
21CD4 T cells24 ± 200.001
Neutrophils261 ± 1436 ± 20.002
  • a The scarified right cornea was infected with 2.5 × 105 PFU of the RE strain of HSV-1. Three corneas from each treatment group were obtained on the days indicated, and individual frozen sections were prepared.

  • b CD4 T cells and neutrophils were identified by immunohistochemical staining of frozen sections by using monoclonal antibodies GK1.5 and RB6-8C5, respectively.

  • c The designated cell populations were counted in six different 40× fields in each of three sections from each cornea (total of 36 fields per time point).

  • d Determined by the two-tailed Studentt test.