Table 3.

Analysis of correlation between antibody binding and neutralization

Comparisonra ApproximatePb
All Fabs
 Monomer binding vs neutralization0.410.24
 Monomerk on vs neutralization−0.150.68
 Monomer k off vs neutralization0.220.54
 Oligomer binding vs neutralization0.90.00020
 Monomer vs oligomer binding0.460.19
CD4bs Fabs
 Monomer binding vs neutralization0.710.074
 Oligomer binding vs neutralization0.920.0013
 Monomer vs oligomer binding0.760.046
Specific MAbs
 Oligomer binding vs neutralization (MN)0.980.00080
 Oligomer binding vs neutralization (Hx10)0.820.0020
 Oligomer binding vs neutralization (MN + Hx10)0.840.00010
 CD4bs oligomer binding vs neutralization (MN + Hx10)1.00.00010
All MAbs (oligomer binding vs neutralization)0.770.00010
  • a Calculated by simple linear regression of log10 ID50 plotted as a function of log10 k on,k off, Kd , or K50.

  • b Calculated with F and ttests.