Table 1.

The ability of targeted gD molecules to function in a virus-free fusion‚ÄČassaya

Expt no.Combination of glycoproteins expressedNo. of nuclei in syncytia containing 11 or more nuclei in transfection:
1gB, gH, gL, gD1,140987
gB, gH, gL, gDKKX4 1,2001,131
No DNA3745
2gB, gH, gL, gD1,9131,731
gB, gH, gL, gDKKXX157106
No DNA7961
3gB, gH, gL, gD1,1461,007
gB, gH, gL, gDYQRL259198
gB, gH, gL, gD2ST124152
No DNA2322
  • a Cos7 cells were transfected with plasmids expressing HSV-1 gB, gH, and gL together with plasmids expressing wild-type or targeted forms of gD. After 48 h the cells were overlaid with Vero cells, and after a further 24 h the extent of cell fusion was assessed by counting nuclei recruited into syncytia containing more than 10 nuclei. Each transfection was performed in duplicate, and each number is the score recorded in a 4-cm2area.