Table 3.

Summary of results after E11S challenge

GroupaProtection against E11S challenge
No. protected/totalPbMean peak proviral loadc (log10copies/106 PBMC)P
B3/4d 0.02
D0/4e 1.02.420.001
Cumulative controlsf 1/15
  • a See Table 1 and Materials and Methods for details of the immunization regimen.

  • b Calculated by using data from cumulative controls. If data from concurrent controls are used, only results from group F after E11S challenge are statistically significant (P = 0.03).

  • c At 2 weeks after challenge.

  • d The infected animal in this group (macaque 91272) was virus positive by nested PCR and virus isolation from PBMC only at weeks 2 and 4, respectively, after challenge. However, its virus load increased significantly about 1 year after infection, and the animal eventually developed AIDS (76).

  • e One of the infected animals (macaque 91278) was virus positive only by semiquantitative PCR analysis of PBMC collected at weeks 2 after challenge.

  • f Including 15 animals infected intravenously with E11S in three separate experiments (76).