Table 3.

Effect of aminoguanidine on survival of MVE-infected mice

Treatment given to miceaNo. of micebAverage days ± SD of survival (P)cPercent mortality (P)d
None287.8 ± 1.882 
Placebo587.6 ± 1.5 (NS)e 78 
Aminoguanidine (250 mg/kg)588.7 ± 1.9 (<0.01)59 (<0.05)
Aminoguanidine (500 mg/kg)589.1 ± 1.9 (<0.001)57 (<0.05)
  • a All mice were infected with 104 PFU of MVE BH3479 in the left footpad. Aminoguanidine was dissolved in PBS and delivered by i.p. injection twice daily for 15 days; the placebo group received PBS only.

  • b Total number of mice used in three experiments; the values in the table represent the average of three experiments.

  • c Differences in average survival were analyzed by Student’s t test (16). SD, standard deviation.

  • d Differences in percent mortality were analyzed by χ2 test (16).

  • e Not significant.