Table 3.

Fraction of cells producing E1B-mutant virus

Relevant genotypeVirusVirus-producing cells (%)a
Async (n)S phase (n)
Wild type dl30995 (8)95 (4)
55-kDa-mutant dl33822 (8)67 (3)
A14325 (3)68 (3)
S38090 (3)ND
R44356 (3)56 (3)
19-kDa-mutant dl33795 (2)ND
  • a HeLa cells that were clearly infected were scored for the presence or absence of virus particles. At least 200 cells per experiment were counted, and each value represents an average of cells producing virus. All measurements were within ±8%. n, number of independent experiments. ND, not determined. Async, asynchronous.