Table 1.

Growth properties of cells expressing wild-type and mutant NS5A

Cell lineaDoubling time (h)Saturation density (105 cells/cm2)Cloning efficiency (%)Mice with tumors/5 testedLatency (days)b
Neo 5-1027.6 ± 0.11.6 ± 0.100
 P58-2017.3 ± 1.53.7 ± 0.215512–20
 Clone 5C617.7 ± 0.64.0 ± 0.214517–25
 Clone 4A122.4 ± 2.13.3 ± 0.14422–44
ΔISDR clone 3C2d17.5 ± 1.33.8 ± 0.33.90
  • a Neo 5-10 and P58-20 are negative and positive control cell lines, respectively, and data for each represent results from five independent clonal cell lines. NS5A 1A clone 5C6 cells express NS5A to levels approximately fivefold higher than those expressed by NS5A 1A clone 4A1 cells. Results are representative of four independent cell lines from each group of high- and low-expressing NS5A clones and four ΔISDR clones. Values shown are averages from four experiments.

  • b Defined as the time, in days, to produce 3-mm-diameter tumors.