Table 2.

Comparison of HIV-1 gp120 and p24 expression on pseudoviruses and in transfected cells

ClonesaAntigen expression in pseudovirus prepn
Sedimented (ng/ml)bSucrose gradient purified (μg/ml)cAntigen expression in cell lysates (ng/106cells)d
E6 mutations in V5
 A562S + N565H7.676NTe NT4.723
 V420I + E460I + A562S + N565H + Q582LNTNT0.2812.1NTNT
 V420I + L544P + A562S + N565H + Q582L8.280NTNT3.817
 V420I + E460I + L544P + A562S + N565H + Q582L7.676NTNT3.917
  • a The L544P and A562S mutants were not infectious, the A562S/N565H mutant was minimally infectious. The other clones shown were all significantly more infectious than V5.

  • b The amount of antigen for sedimented pseudovirus preparation is expressed as nanograms per milliliter in each pseudovirus harvest.

  • c For sucrose gradient-purified samples, the amount of antigen is expressed as micrograms per milliliter of each preparation.

  • d The amount of each antigen in cell lysates is expressed as nanograms per 106 cells.

  • e NT, not tested.