Table 1.

Antisera generated against MHV-JHM gene 1 proteins

AntiserumAmino acid positionsaProducts detected by immunoprecipitation
Anti-D3 b 784–1037p65, p72, p210, p250c
Anti-D12 b 3340–3470p27, p150c
Anti-D18 b 5192–5379p100, >p300
Anti-POLd 4998–5300100-kDa proteine
Anti-D23 b 6679–6821p35, >p300
  • a Amino acids are numbered by the system of Lee et al. (29) as modified by Bonilla et al. (5).

  • b Generated against GST fusion proteins.

  • c As described by Schiller et al. (45).

  • d Generated against the putative polymerase domain fused to maltose binding protein.

  • e The POL antiserum immunoprecipitated the bacterially expressed putative polymerase protein of approximately 100 kDa (37a).