Table 2.

HI reactivity of serum samples from vaccinated mice for influenza A H5 viruses

SerumHI antibody titer
dk/Sing (H5N3)H5N1 group AH5N1 group B
Vaccinated micea
 dk/Sing + alum32032016032064016080320160
Infected ferretsb
  • a Serum samples from groups of 17 to 22 mice immunized with dk/Sing vaccine with or without alum or alum alone were collected 3 weeks after the second vaccination and were pooled for HI assay against H5N1 group A and group B viruses.

  • b Serum samples from single ferrets infected with dk/Sing, HK/483, or HK/156 virus were concentrated fourfold. The ferret infected with HK/156 virus was also inoculated i.n. with A/Turkey/Wisconsin/68 virus (H5N9).