Table 1.

Nucleic acid requirements for assembly

Nucleic acidaTypebSizeAssemblyMolar ratios tested (P:N)cOptimum molar ratio (P:N)c
48-nt oligod ssDNA48 ntYes10:1–1:102:1
18-nt oligossDNA18 ntYes10:1–1:201:1
16-nt oligossDNA16 ntYes10:1–1:201:4
14-nt oligossDNA14 ntYes10:1–1:201:20
12-nt oligossDNA12 ntNo10:1–1:20
6-nt oligossDNA6 ntNo10:1–1:20
77-nt oligo 1ssDNA77 ntYes10:1–1:102:1
77-nt oligo 2ssDNA77 ntYes10:1–1:102:1
Oligo 1 + oligo 2dsDNA77 bpNo20:1–1:20
PCR AdsDNA132 bpNo10:1–1:10
PCR BdsDNA900 bpNo1:100–1:1,000
PlasmiddsDNA4,400 bpNo1:100–1:1,000
tRNAssRNA81 ntYes10:1–1:102:1
vRNA (no cap)ssRNA11,704 ntYes1,000:1–0.1:1400:1
vRNA (cap)ssRNA11,704 ntYes1,000:1–0.1:1400:1
  • a nt, nucleotide; oligo, oligonucleotide; PCR A, 132-bp double-stranded DNA fragment; PCR B, 900-bp double-stranded DNA fragment; vRNA, viral RNA.

  • b ss, single stranded; ds, double stranded.

  • c Molar ratios are given as moles of protein (P):moles of nucleic acid (N).

  • d Standard assembly oligonucleotide.