Table 1.

Comparison of DEN-2 viruses by sequence analysis

StrainPassage historyaLocationYrClinical statusbGenBank accession no.
NGCSMB 38, C6/36 1, CRFK 1New Guinea1944DF M32941
16681BS-C-1 ?, LLC-MK2 8, Monk.1, Mosq. 2, PGMK 1, C6/36 4Bangkok, Thailand1964DHF U87411
PR159S1PGMK 19, C6/36 1Puerto Rico1969DF M32953
1318Mosq. 2, C6/36 1Puerto Rico1981DF AF100149
044C6/36 2Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico1983DF AF100151
1409C6/36 3, LLC-MK2 1Jamaica1983DHF M20558
348600C6/36 3Tumaco, Nariño, Colombia1986DF AF100458
Ven2AP61 2Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela1987DF AF100465
Mara4NoneMaracay, Aragua, Venezuela1990DHF AF100466
Mara10NoneMaracay, Aragua, Venezuela1990DHF AF100145
102692NoneAragua, Venezuela1991DHF AF100150
0131NoneNavojoa, Sonora, Mexico1992DF AF100469
0147C6/36 1Chinipas, Chihuahua, Mexico1992DF AF100148
ThNHp7/93C6/36 3Nakhon Phanom, Thailand1993DSS AF022434
ThNH11/93C6/36 3Nakhon Phanom, Thailand1993DF AF022437
K0008NoneKamphaeng Phet, Thailand1994DHF AF100459
K0010NoneKamphaeng Phet, Thailand1994DF AF100460
CO371NoneBangkok, Thailand1995DF AF100461
CO390NoneBangkok, Thailand1995DHF AF100462
383NoneTamazunchale, S. L. Potosi, Mexico1995DHF AF100147
IQT1797NoneIquitos, Loreto, Peru1995DF AF100467
IQT2913NoneIquitos, Loreto, Peru1996DF AF100468
CO166NoneBangkok, Thailand1996DF AF100463
CO167NoneBangkok, Thailand1996DHF AF100464
926NoneAcapulco, Guerrero, Mexico1997DHF AF100146
  • a SMB, suckling mouse brain; C6/36,Aedes albopictus cell line; CRFK, Crandell’s feline kidney cell line; BS-C-1, grivet monkey kidney cell line; ?, number of passages unknown; LLC-MK2, rhesus monkey kidney cell line; Monk., rhesus macaque monkey; Mosq., mosquito inoculation; PGMK, primary green monkey kidney cell line; AP61, Aedes pseudoscutellaris cell line; None, acute-phase plasma of patient.

  • b DSS, dengue shock syndrome.