Table 1.

Activity of Tax mutants and summary of immortalization assays

CloneActivity (%)aNo. of immortalized cultures/no. of transfections (no. of donor PBMC)
ACH.wtNDND4/5 (5)
ACH.pcTax1001005/6 (4)
ACH.M228070/6 (4)
ACH.M4721385/5 (4)
Empty vector000/8 (7)
  • a Luciferase or CAT activity above empty vector cotransfection normalized to 100% for the wild-type ACH.pcTax clone. A 100% activity corresponds to an approximately 20-fold increase in luciferase activity for HTLV LTR-luciferase and a 2-fold increase in CAT activity for HIV LTR-CAT. ND, not done.