Table 1.

Promoter regulation by TSA

ReporterRelative β-Gal activitya
pLJ-lacZ 1.00.9
pLN-lacZ 0.0* 0.0*
pLN H11-URR-lacZ 3.47.2
pLN H11-URR-C/EBP(d)M-lacZ 3.7ND
pLN H11-URR-C/EBP(dp)M-lacZ 4.1ND
pLN-K14-lacZ 6.3ND
Uninfected PHKs0.0* 0.0*
  • a pG+envAM12 producer cells were obtained after a 6-day G418 selection postinfection with ecotropic recombinant retroviruses. PHKs were infected with amphotropic retroviruses produced from pG+envAM12 cells or pBabe-inv-gal producer cells (16) and selected for 2 days with G418 or puromycin. All uninfected cells died under selection conditions. TSA induction was conducted at 0.6 μM for 24 h. Cultures were then harvested and assayed for β-Gal activities. Values are fold induction in TSA-treated cultures relative to identical cultures left untreated. Each value is the average of duplicate experiments. ND, not done; *, no detectable activity with or without TSA treatment.