Table 1.

Effect of AZT treatment on virion-associated Vpr-mediated cell cycle arrest at G2 a

Pseudotyped virusG2-M/G1 ratio at:
20 h40 h
Vpr+/VSV-G 0.2NDc
Vpr+-T/VSV-G 0.23ND 
Vpr/VSV-G+ 0.220.20
Vpr+/VSV-G+ 1.011.25
Vpr+-T/VSV-G+ 0.900.32
Vpr/VSV-G+ + AZTb 0.210.34
Vpr+/VSV-G+ + AZT0.990.4
Vpr+-T/VSV-G+ + AZT0.920.38
HxBRUR/Env+ + AZT0.23ND 
HxBRUR+/Env+ + AZT0.9ND 
HxBRUR+-T/Env+ + AZT0.87ND 
  • a The cell-associated DNA content of infected Jurkat cells was analyzed by PI DNA staining as described in Materials and Methods. The G2 arrest ability of each pseudotyped virus was determined by calculating the G2-M/G1 ratio.

  • b + AZT, AZT (5 μM) was added to Jurkat cell cultures 2 h prior to infection and was maintained during the course of infection.

  • c ND, not determined.