Table 1.

Determination of Thp activation status by LDAa

OrganPhenotypeReciprocal of Thp frequency
4 mo11 mo19 mo
SpleenCD4+ 74570581
CD4+CD44l o w 6,3482,87510,703
CD4+ CD44Lh i g h 17762212
CD4+ CD62Ll o w ND80544
CD4+ CD62Lh i g h 562702,975
CD4+ CD69l o w 703102217
CD4+ CD69h i g h 1,1923442,306
CLNCD4+ 11,6179,76810,178
MLNCD4+ 52,26215,7959,288
  • a B6 mice were infected i.n. with 600 PFU of MHV-68, and sorted T-cell populations from pool of three to four animals were stimulated with virus-infected, irradiated syngeneic spleen cells for 4 days. ND, none done.